Based on an analysis of PEKKA’s resources available over time, from the year of its establishment until now, the year 2015 witnessed a declining trend in resources accessible to PEKKA. Without overlooking the possibility of reaching greater heights, it is now time to stand back for a moment and reflect on the upward journey that PEKKA has navigated through, and meticulously take stock of the situation in order to stride confidently into the future. 2015 was also a momentous year for PEKKA as it undertook two critical measures which will further support PEKKA’s ability to ensure its continued presence. PEKKA not only deemed it necessary to establish a Reform Team, but also made the decision to launch a new initiative to develop PARADIGTA Academy into an educational institution. In addition, the KLIK-PEKKA and Alta Karya initiatives were also further developed in 2015 with much clearer direction to ensure their sustainability. 


The PEKKA Reform Team which consists of the PEKKA National Secretariat, field facilitators, executives of the Federation of PEKKA Unions, and executives of PEKKA Unions, was conferred with the mandate to design an institutional mechanism to unify all organizations and elements that were established and developed through PEKKA processes in the past 14 years. PARADIGTA Academy on the other hand, is an initiative to develop a structured educational institution based on experiences gained in developing PEKKA cadres through the years in response to the reality in rural areas where grassroots women are often denied the privilege to participate in decision-making processes. The establishment of PARADIGTA Academy coincided with the enforcement of Law No. 6/2014 on Rural Areas which essentially is intended to open up more space and greater opportunities for women and other marginal groups to be actively involved in developing their respective villages. 

 Meanwhile, KLIK-PEKKA which originally was a strategy to raise awareness on the importance of legal identity documentation and better access to such services has evolved into an embryo for developing institutions that offer consulting and legal aid services for the rural community. On the other hand, Alta Karya as a marketing initiative for products created by the PEKKA community has developed into a strategic instrument for economically empowering women heads of household on a national scale.   


Apart from those mentioned above, in 2015 PEKKA also conducted several other noteworthy activities such as the production of a documentary drama in widescreen film format on the PEKKA movement and the writing of a book titled Melawan Keganjilan that portrays the lengthy journey towards organizing women household heads. For the two activities, PEKKA National Secretariat collaborated with several other organizations such as Biru Terong for the film production, as well as SEAPCP and INSIST for writing the book.  Although the film was made in cooperation with other organizations, the production process fully engaged the media team from PEKKA National Secretariat and the PEKKA community as part of capacity building. 


PEKKA’s 2015 annual report is part our responsibility to inform about PEKKA’s progress, and reflect on its journey and future plans. The entire PEKKA team and the Federation of PEKKA Unions have to a great extent contributed meaningfully to the completion of this report. We hope that the report will be a source of reference for relevant parties from which critical lessons can be drawn from. We look forward to any constructive input and feedback for PEKKA to march fearlessly onward into the future.    


Our utmost appreciation to all parties who have been supportive of PEKKA. We hope you enjoy reading the report.   



Jakarta, 15 January 2016 

Nani Zulminarni


Director, PEKKA


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